How have I generated sales from $0 to $1 Million a year, without any selling experience? I shared with you all my secrets in this e-book!


My name is Jenniffer Firpo, I am the founder & CEO of JVsion Advertising, LLC.


I have a bachelor’s degree of Advertising and Design which I graduated as Cum Laude from the IADT University. I have 10+ years of experience in both sides of the advertising and marketing industries selling it, producing it, and working it.


I help brands to leverage their buying power with advertising and marketing!


Part of my experience includes to help running successful marketing/advertising campaigns, I also have experience as a Senior Account Manager selling advertising services and managing projects to major companies such as Marina Maher Communications, Wavemaker from the Group M, Hogan Lovells, the Rockefeller Group, Foot locker, The Weather Channel, and others, just to mention a few.


After many years working for other companies, I decided it was time to begin my own path and founded JVsion along with my team. All my clients continue to work with me and are loyal to my services, not just because I offer them quality but because they trust my work and how I handle their projects.


Enough about me, you are here to learn how have I generated sales from $0 to $1 Million a year, without any selling experience? I share with you all my secrets with this e-book!


Let’s begin, shall we?



Sales Vsion

  • Learn how I generated over $1M in sales in a year without any sales experience.

    This E-Book contains all information that you need about sales and how to become a success full Sales Person. 

    Book type: PDF

    29 Pages


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